Welcome to the Art Department

In the Adams Center for the Visual Arts

The Art major at Westmont focuses on providing students with a complete education that develops artistic capabilities and an understanding of the value that art plays in life. We promote a liberal arts education in which our students pursue a sense of calling along with their career goals. While fostering an environment that allows students to find their creative voice, visual artists and art historians can explore their own talents in the midst of critical dialogue, freedom, and discovery. Such an approach to learning addresses all areas of life, building a Christian community of scholars who, with curiosity and conviction, strive to live out grace and truth. The Art major at Westmont animates the lives of individuals and communities.

Career Choices

Westmont graduates in art have attained successful careers in diverse niches of the visual arts, including: graphic design, gallery-centered fine art, photography, illustration, fashion, gallery management, and many others. Our rigorous program, with an emphasis on breadth and sound fundamentals, prepares our graduates with the skills and resourcefulness needed to work as a visual artist in the 21st century.