Course Offering Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. If you have questions, please contact any art faculty member.

Courses offered every semester:

ART 001 Principles of Art

ART 010 2-D Design

ART 015 Drawing I

ART 040 Ceramics I

ART 093 Sophomore Project

ART 132 Museum Studies

ART 140 Ceramics II

Courses offered Fall only:

ART 021 Survey of Art: Prehistoric through Gothic

ART 040 Ceramics I

ART 045 Photography I

ART 050 Painting I

ART 060 Printmaking I

ART 131 Theory and Criticism in the Arts

Courses offered Spring only:

ART 128 Modern & Contemporary Art

ART 150 Painting II

ART 160 Printmaking II

ART 180 Art for Children

Courses offered every other year:

Course                                                                                            Next offering

ART 151 Illustration                                                            Spring 2015 (and subsequent odd springs)

ART 165 Digital Painting                                                    Spring 2016 (and subsequent even springs)

ART 167 Publication Design                                            Spring 2015 (and subsequent odd springs)

ART 170 Stone Sculpture                                                  Spring 2015 (and subsequent odd springs)