seniors 2010

Art Major

Teaching practices in the Art department focus on thinking and doing in concert. We strive to teach competency with content so that critical thinking skills, risk-taking, and continual decision-making will ultimately create a sturdy foundation for good communication and social interaction. With its studio and historical components, the art curriculum seeks to equip students with skills, habits, and knowledge to be discerning, faithful participants in the art world and in the visual culture of today.


The Westmont Art Faculty sees spiritual, intellectual, and creative maturity as a unified whole. As we strive to model this synthesis in our own artmaking, research, and teaching endeavors, we expect our students to cultivate a desire for learning, and to bring a Christian sensibility to all aspects of art making and viewing.


Art is a vocation that demands lifelong learning and creative exploration, the responsibility of which rests upon the shoulders of the individual. The Westmont Art faculty seeks to equip students with the foundational skills that will allow them to further pursue their engagement with art making and viewing, and to feel confident in sharing the results of that effort with others. We hear from employers that job opportunities are available more easily to creative people. This fact is one of the reasons we strive to encourage our students to be intellectually involved in art making, and to be aware of the impact it can have in shaping both the individual and society at large.


The study of art is focused on individual and group learning processes. Community develops in the department as a whole due to the way we do things. The presence of students in the building throughout the day and evening hours, faculty offices in close proximity to classrooms and studio facilities, conversations that are generated as work progresses, all contribute to the unique identity and engagement of Westmont’s art department.