Program Review

Mission Statement

Westmont’s Department of Education provides a supportive collegial community in which to acquire a rigorous, practical, and professional preparation for K-12 teaching. Building on teacher-candidates’ liberal arts education, our program is designed to develop exemplary instructional skills, habits of reflection, and moral and cultural sensitivities that promote lifelong learning of diverse students

Program Learning Outcomes

The information below leads to information about the department's most recent assessment of student learning relative to our program learning outcomes.

Liberal Studies and Education Department graduates will be able to demonstrate professional competencies identified in the California Teaching Performance Expectation (adopted in 2016):

California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE)

TPE 1: Engaging and Supporting All Students in Learning

TPE 2: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

TPE 3: Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

TPE 4: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experience for All Students

TPE 5: Assessing Student Learning

TPE 6: Developing as a Professional Educator

Biennial Report October 2013 The Department of Education's Biennial Report submitted to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing in October 2013 was approved in January 2014 and demonstrates evidence of meeting the California Teaching Performance Expectations.


Program Review Resources

Curriculum Map A curriculum map is a visual representation of the structure of program curriculum. The map charts program courses, syllabi, and assessments as they relate to the intended program learning outcomes. In other words, a curriculum map is the intellectual linkage that presents twenty plus courses as a story of learning.

Multi-year Assessment Plan 2014, 2016

A mullti-year assessment plan shows what program learning outcomes will be assessed in what years.

Annual Assessment Calendar

Annual and Six-Year Reports

The links below lead to reports from the past 6 years.


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