United States Constitution Waiver Examination

TO: Westmont Students Needing to Satisfy the U.S. Constitution Requirement

FROM: Education Department

RE: The State-Approved, (FREE) Westmont Constitution Exam

How to Prepare:

1. Carefully read the U.S. Constitution.

Check out these websites (they are great, free and easily-accessible resources!):

2. Review Louis G. Morton’s, A Citizen’s Guide to the United States Constitution.

3. Read the constitution chapter in any college-level American government textbook.

Taking the Test

1. The Education Program Assistant will administer the test. Call or email Heather Bergthold at x6165 to make an appointment.

2. A passing score of 70 percent (35 out of 50).

3. You may repeat the exam once.

4. When requesting a transcript, make sure to indicate that your transcript should be held until your passing status is posted . . . once you take (and pass) the exam.