Religious Studies

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Westmont College's Religious Studies major offers the curriculum and and experiences that students need to gain competence in the study, understanding, and articulation of the Christian tradition in lively conversation with other traditions.

Religious Studies major students learn:

  • Biblical literacy
  • Skills in biblical interpretation
  • Theological literacy
  • Sound theological judgment
  • Articulate clear and relevant theological convictions
  • Christianity worldwide
  • Historical and local identities of the Church
  • The Church in social and cultural contexts
  • Strong faith in Jesus Christ marked sustained commitment to the life of the Christian community

Career Choices

Religious Studies majors at Westmont and elsewhere go into a variety of fields such as the ones listed below. The boldfaced entries are the most common for our graduates. Some involve graduate school. Others are best approached with a double major.

  • Biblical translation
  • Business (Particularly international business) and marketing
  • Christian counseling, clinical counseling,spiritual direction
  • Foreign and domestic missions
  • Journalism, arts
  • Law
  • Marketing and management
  • Medicine (including physical therapy), medical missions
  • Music, sacred music, worship leadership
  • Nonprofit organizations, NGOs, Peace Corps
  • Pastoring, youth ministry
  • Publishing
  • Social work, occupational therapy
  • Teaching (secondary school, undergraduate, postgraduate)