Theatre Arts

Welcome from the Westmont College Theatre Arts Department, and the Westmont Festival Theatre! We have a comprehensive curriculum, including courses in acting, directing, dance, dramatic literature, theatre history, theatre technology and design. Not only do we wish to develop a broad and rich knowledge of the theatre, but we are committed to studying the art form in the light of the heritage and principles that inform our faith. Our production seasons are always provocative and exciting. We stage a diverse range of interesting work, including great classics, contemporary plays, original works, dance performances and musicals. We strive to create bold, exciting theatre, and have developed a reputation for stagings with interesting interpretations and excellent acting. Whether you are a prospective or returning student, or a community member interested in our fantastic productions, we hope you will find what you are looking for on our website.

Career Choices:

Participation in Westmont’s theatre program - by majors and non-majors alike - offers skills and experiences that educate students for many job opportunities after graduation. Department graduates are presently involved in many aspects of the large, exciting field of theatre. Numerous alumni are pursuing careers in acting, and have appeared on both stage and screen, including television and major motion pictures. Others have pursued the teaching field, and teach at primary, secondary, and college/university levels. And still others work as independent filmmakers, designers, theatrical producers, public relations directors at major regional theatres, church drama directors, and properties artists. Department graduates have pursued graduate study at top tier schools such as the University of California, Santa Barbara; the University of Arizona; San Francisco State University; UT-Austin, Harvard University/ART, CalArts, UC San Diego, UMASS Amherst, and UCLA.