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Important Information about Affiliate Programs

Westmont limits the number of students enrolling in programs operated by affiliate programs.

Students must first apply to the Office of Global Education for approval to participate in a affiliate program.  Priority will be given to upper-division students and students whose major or minor requires global study. 

Please contact us at ocp@westmont.edu for further information or to schedule an appointment to learn more about the process.

Global Studies Fellows Program

Have you returned from an off campus program? Do you want to explore global issues more deeply?

The Global Studies Fellows Program is an opportunity for students returning from an off campus program to maintain a sustained and informed conversation about real world challenges while applying ethical reflection and civic engagement.

To become a 2018-2019 Global Studies Fellow, you must apply and be accepted into the Global Studies seminar. Upon completion of the seminar, Global Studies Fellows may then choose to pursue a minor in Global Studies by completing the additional requirements. Click here for an application to become a Global Studies Fellow.

Global Studies minor requirements include:

1) Semester-Long Study Abroad Program (at least 12 units)

2) Global Studies Seminar (fall semester, 4 units) will delve into the growing body of literature about the theory and methodologies of Global Studies, and explore issues related to migration, religious conflict, development, entrepreneurship, human rights, gender, stewardship, violence and peacemaking, missiology, and the arts.  Through the seminar, faculty from across disciplines—History, Political Science, Religious Studies, Economics, Sociology, Biology, and Theatre Arts, to name a fewshare their research and expertise on a range of global issues and concerns. 

As a member of the seminar, you will become a Global Fellow, and you will undertake a project that contributes to the programs and discussions of global issues on campus. 

3) Global Studies Research Practicum ( 2-4 units) Students who pursue the minor in Global Studies must complete a research-oriented practicum that develops leadership and inquiry skills.  You work with the Director of Global Studies to develop a research project; these projects can align with Major Honors projects or senior theses in your primary major, or they can be forms of engagement with the local community. 

4) Advanced Language Study (4 units) The minor requires an additional four-credit course in language beyond the course counted for your general education requirement.

Contact Dr. Cynthia Toms, Director of Global Studies Fellows Program at globalstudies@westmont.edu

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