The Time is Now

Help launch Westmont to the next level in three strategic areas: leadership development, affordability and innovation.

Building on momentum, Strength for Today carries the college’s mission forward for future generations. Rooted in a heritage of rigorous academics and deep love of God, Westmont acts at a critical time for higher education and Christianity.

While the college has always fostered leadership skills, the need for effective leaders with both character and competence has never been greater, especially as society increasingly dismisses the ways Christians shape culture. Strength for Today supports enhanced leadership programs that will prepare graduates to lead effectively wherever God calls them to serve.

Westmont has long assisted students with financial aid but seeks to ensure that every qualified student receives an affordable and world-class education.

Our liberal arts program inspires creativity and discovery, but the challenges of our complex, global and technological world require ongoing innovation and entrepreneurship.

The day has come for Westmont to strengthen these three essential areas to continue the college’s heritage and mission. Tremendous progress in leadership development, affordability and innovation has put the campaign at a tipping point.

We invite you to learn more and help strengthen Westmont. Join the momentum.

Support Our Campaign Priorities

To make Westmont more affordable, the college seeks to establish new scholarship funds and endowments. You can help provide Westmont’s personal, world-class education to all students and families by supporting financial assistance that recipients never need repay.

New institutes at Westmont seek to engage society in national conversations about ethics and morals, especially in the area of leadership. You can assist the college in graduating students capable of making a thoughtful, winsome defense of their Christian faith and values by funding our innovative leadership institutes.

The world faces complex challenges in the 21st century with the rapid development of technology and continued political, social and economic instability. You can support innovative entrepreneurship at Westmont that makes a difference throughout the world while also making a profit. New internships programs and stronger STEM classes will prepare students to adapt in a changing society and work effectively for the public good.

The five innovative centers of the Westmont Institute for Global Learning and Leadership will instill effective, transformative leadership skills in emerging and existing leaders, equipping them to excel in strategic positions worldwide.

The Vision Behind Strength for Today

Our vision for the Institute for Global Learning and Leadership developed from conversations with Westmont alumni and parents in 25 cities. Many told us they held leadership positions despite a lack of training, and they wished they’d developed a basic understanding of leadership principles in college. This resonated with my own experience. We began to realize we could use the liberal arts as a foundation and add new classes, experiences and mentoring to prepare students for effective and transformational leadership.

History demonstrates the critical importance of such leadership. When Rome fell to Alaric and the Goths in 410 A.D., its leaders selected Christianity as the cause of their demise and mounted a case against it. Augustine, the great Christian thinker, responded to this attack with The City of God, identifying Christians as the moral thread holding the empire together. He made the finest defense ever for the enduring presence of thoughtful Christians in every culture.

Westmont seeks to educate people like Augustine, who can engage every sphere of society with skill, savvy and competence while making a compelling defense for the love and hope they possess through Jesus Christ. Strength for Today is designed to extend this essential mission of preparing graduates with character and competence to lead and serve effectively worldwide.

To accomplish this goal, we must make Westmont more affordable for all students and families. Our new Augustinian Scholarships provide significant financial assistance, and we’re increasing scholarship funds through both annual giving and the endowment. We’re committed to providing aid that students never need repay.

As we look ahead, we intend to sharpen Westmont’s innovative edge to meet future challenges proactively with creative ideas and entrepreneurial activity. We aspire to excellence so we can faithfully and effectively accomplish God’s purpose for Westmont.

I invite you to join us in this great work.


Westmont President Gayle D. Beebe.

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